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Our main goal is to create an information technology friendly society where all, businessmen, civil servants, students, the community can have easy access to technology-friendly resources and information, and to build an information and technology infrastructure, setting the society’s strategic plans and social goals. Yes. The main purpose of Technical Upaya is to build quality technical education, tourism and advanced technology infrastructure, establish effective service and environment-friendly technology, provide quality and reliable technical services. We want to share the knowledge we have and show others the suffering we have seen, with the purpose that we are connected.

Why Techupaya?

The idea is to think, come to mind immediately to solve a particular problem and in another sense, it is a concept that comes with a plan for completion and helps achieve the desired result. In this world of the Internet, many ways are being explored nowadays. We have taken the technical Upaya as an instrument in search of the essential things in life for people. We can also add a brick to the rapid development of information technology in Nepal based on our thinking that we have launched a website called “TechUpaya”.

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